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Items That Will Always Be Fashionable

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There are some things that will never be unfashionable. These are the items that you should always have around for special occasions or when you don’t want to risk and go for a classic look. It doesn’t matter if it’s 2011 or 2050, you can’t go wrong with these.

Pearls and diamonds – pearls are a great way to accessorize a dress when you are heading for a party or a cocktail.  Pearls can be very classy and will look amazing with an elegant dress and with a small purse. If you want to look even more exquisite you can wear your pearl in multiple strands. It doesn’t matter if they are natural or artificial pearls, they both look good. Of course, if you will want pearls that will last longer, you should buy natural pearls but if you plan a classic look on a budget, artificial pearls are a good option.   Diamonds are also an excellent choice and as we all know they are a girl’s best friends. Since diamonds are the best stones, accessories with diamonds will always be in trend. Diamonds are classified by cut, clarity, carat and color. What gives a diamond his value is the skill of the person who cuts it; also, the color of a diamond can be a factor, they can range from clear to colors like pink, blue or brown. If you are a diamond lover, you should check the internet for more information before buying something that contains diamonds.

The little black dress – combined with the accessories above the little black dress is the deadliest weapon seduction has. Any woman looks good in an elegant dress and the best color to enhance any figure is black. With an elegant hairstyle, smoky eyes or a fiery red lipstick, you will glow. The little black dress is best known from Coco Chanel who wanted to design something simple that any woman should buy without being afraid that it will go out of style. And she really managed to do that since the “little black dress” is one of the most classic pieces of clothing.

Black stilettos – black stilettos are the classic black shoes with high heels that define your leg in an amazing way. There should be a law making all women buy a pair of these shoes, because they are exceptional. With black stilettos you can wear skirts, dresses, pants and even jeans with a more elegant cut. Since there’s so much versatility with these shoes, you can see why it’s so important to have them.

Cheap Watches

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Every time we think about a brand of exclusive watches we always agree that we can never have one because of its high price. There is an alternative for fans, which involves buying a replica of that brand. A replica is not like a cheap counterfeit watch or something that is sold to you for a high price. A replica is especially designed to meet even the most exigent taste because it is actually a very well done copy of the original. The same care and dedication is put into making this watch as much as making an original.

Replica watches are perfect for any occasion and if you love a brand in particular it’s a pity not to buy a replica if you don’t have enough money for the original. Why refuse yourself the pleasure of wearing something exquisite when you have such a great alternative? An imitation watch can be found online or in special stores in your city. You have a great variety of choices because there are replicas for every known brand out there. Some stores even have the option of sending it as a gift to your loved ones or somebody who likes a certain brand. So, if you want to buy something special for somebody who appreciates brands and watches, you can always choose a replica.

Replicas are the best cheaper alternative to elegant and sophisticated watches. Although the manufacturers don’t use precious stones that are used with the original watches, they are also made with good quality stones and materials. With replica Rolex watches you don’t need to be worried about it breaking down. Even though they are replicas they have a great mechanism and they work as good as the original ones.

The good thing about watches copy is not only their affordability but also the resemblance with the original. If you are worried that it might not look like the original, you shouldn’t be. For a person who is not an expert in watches, it looks as nice as the original brand does. So why not buy a watch that looks perfect but costs less?

So next time you are looking for a great present, a beautiful watch or simply having a great accessory on your hand, try a replica watch. It will not empty your pockets and it will look amazing. With replica watches all known brands become accessible for people with a lower income.

Classical Lines, Modern Design Elements by Fendi

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Fendi fall/winter 2012 collection is very broad and attractive. Clutches or shoulder strapped bags, they are all made of genuine leather, bearing original decorations such as feathers and studs. This collection of Fendi handbags is full of novelties and surprises, starting with the careful selection of materials, going through the choice of patterns and ending with the colors.

An interesting aspect is certainly represented by the original decorations. For instance, studs used to adorn the brand’s bags are totally unique and seem randomly applied, but actually, the designers have taken the Fendi style to a new level of mastership. Thus, the creamy white bag is decorated with classical gold studs, while white, green, red and blue studs, creating a beautiful contrast of colors, are spread all over the black or beige bags.


Novelty and classical lines – these are the key words with this versatile and modern collection. Trapezoid shapes are dominant, but there is no rule when it comes to colors and textures. Long haired fur, quilted leather, crocodile skin, they all combine in the simple lines of the Fendi handbags.

However, not all the models are brand new. The Silvana bag, conceived for last year’s spring collection, has been reiterated and it has the same universal design and classical shape. This elegant and feminine, stylish and quiet model is perfect for a business woman who loves classical solutions but wants to be trendy. The creative masters of the Italian fashion house opted this time for the simple union of black and beige leather, accented by the crocodile brown skin on the front and they added another chromatic element: dark blue on the hand strap. Although of rather small size (21 cm in height, 28 cm wide and with a base width of 14.5 cm), the Silvana model tends to become and it-bag, especially if we look at the price.

How To Treat Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles

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Dark circles are a common problem for women and girls nowadays and the problem with them is the fact that they can be aesthetically unpleasing. This is mostly because they will make us look more tired and sometimes even older. But there are some reasons behind dark circles that need to be explored before starting to treat them.


Anybody can have dark circles, it doesn’t really matter what age they have and what type of skin they have. A lot of people believe that the most common cause for dark circles is lack of sleep; while that cause is quite important in deciding the reasons for your dark circles, it seems that, statistically, the most common reason for these is nasal congestion. Nasal congestion will impair good blood circulation so you might experience an increase in your dark circles during spring or winter because there is a bigger chance to catch a cold or to have an allergy. Fortunately, solving your nasal congestion due to various reasons may lead to diminished dark circles under your eyes.  Lack of hydration and iron deficiency may also be causes for the dark circles around your eyes so make sure you treat those too if you notice that they might be the main cause.

The most common way to treat puffy eyes and dark circles is by using coldness. You should take a cloth or a tissue, soak it in a bit of water and put it in the freezer. Then, gently apply it under your eyes. A lot of women use ice cubes, but that might not be a good solution since they can be really cold and actually do more damage on your veins than good.

Another good way to treat these is by massaging your face, you will have to do it gently and always in an upward motion. You can apply coldness and massage your face every morning and you should keep it for at least a week before noticing bigger effects. However, after this procedure your face will definitely have a healthy glow and you will look and feel better.

Fashion Trends On a Budget

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It can be complicated to keep up with all the fashion trends when you have a limited budget. When most of us also have to use the money we make on other things than clothes it can be really difficult to make sure that you stay in trends, especially since trends are changing almost every day.

To make sure that you keep up with all the trends you will need to take a peak in your wardrobe. Before going shopping you can make a list of the clothes that are in and can be used according to fashion trends. Also, don’t forget to mention on your list all those clothes that are classic and can be worn all the time. Don’t throw away your clothes, styles change so fast, you can recycle things in your wardrobe within a year.

When you decided what items need to be bought and what you already have, make sure that you also visit a second hand or thrift store. They can provide you with other clothes that might be of interest when trying to build your trendy wardrobe, especially if there are vintage items in trend. Since most fashion is based on styles that have been seen before, it won’t be hard to find something useful.

Visit big brand stores during sales to get the best out of your budget. Of course, this seems like a sensible advice but few women actually visit clothes stores when there are great discounts available. You can always buy things before or after season and that will give you sometimes even 70-80% off.

Some women cannot help themselves to spend a big amount of money on clothes when going shopping; to avoid this situation, the best thing is to take a limited amount of money and never buy something the first time you lay eyes on it. This way you will know that you spend less and you will think a couple of times before actually purchasing that product. It is important to decide whether you need that fashion item or not and whether you can replace it with something else.

Lip Care Tips

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Our lips are probably one of the most sensible parts on our face, besides our eyes, so it can get really difficult to treat them better. With the following tips you can be sure to bring back that healthy look to your lips and feel them more moist and hydrated.

Before talking about cures, we should also check out some of the causes that make our lips feel dry and look chapped. The most common cause is lack of hydration, which is also correlated with smoking and drinking. Another cause would be exposure to a lot of sunlight and a sort of skin disorder. Many women also tend to forget the fact that expired or low quality cosmetics can also lead to these issues. However, there are ways you can make sure that you lips stay healthy and some of them are natural ways that can be found in everybody’s kitchen.

Exfoliation – lips need exfoliation too, especially if the dryness has caused cracks and skin that look unaesthetic. You can use different things to exfoliate your skin but you will need to do it gently. You can use sugar or even your toothbrush after washing your teeth in the morning. Make sure that you press gently and then add some lip balm to moisturize the areas.

Moisturizing – moisturizing is probably the main part when it comes to lip care. Not all lip balms are great but having one with you wherever you go will definitely make things more comfortable. Make sure that you get a lip balm with SPF to also protect your lips from UV rays. Honey has been proved to be a great moisturizer when it comes to lips, so you can apply some honey for a few minutes when you want your lips to feel amazing.

Diet – taking care of your lips should also start from the inside. You can take vitamin E supplements that will not only improve the state of your lips but also your whole skin. Also, drinking more water, smoking less and drinking less alcohol will also help. Having a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is the key to maintaining a healthy skin.

The Prints of 2012/13 Fall-Winter Season

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The pinstripe

Next winter, the boyish look seems to be the most appropriate, but in a rather retro spirit of the 40s or 50s, with a business suit and overlays. Considering certain collection such as those of Ralph Lauren and Alberta Ferreti, we could notice the return of thin stripes on a dark wool black or brown suit. Something many people would not expect to see on the catwalks, these classical suits have a very elegant and modern look.

Optical geometry

If the retro trend inspired by the 70s very present during last winter was less visible on the runways, the repetitive geometric patterns took over with Kenzo and Prada, to bring a touch of color and optical illusions into a total look. However, if geometric patterns can also cover only one piece with Jonathan Saunders, another big trend for the 2012/13 winter is to go for a unique pattern repeated all over within an outfit: dress, skirt and jacket, or suit. Whether flowers or regressive, the idea is to play on the matching pieces in order to create very strong, but smooth and harmonious look.

Asian  patterns

Fire dragons, lotus flowers, peonies or hibiscus, gold lilies, hanjis calligraphy prints on silk and other Chinese inspiration patterns are mixed on dressed, kimonos and shirts. Originating from India and Pakistan, paisley prints is no longer a vintage pattern whose use is limited to interior design. Now they are adorning stylish suits, the preppy jackets and dresses, ignoring all the conventions and playing with forms and combinations. Often colored, sometimes minimalist, paisley patterns are never dull. Moreover, although classic, they are able to create a modern look, as the creative minds of Etro have proven it when adorning the upper part of a black and white suit by two paisley traditional patterns applied on transparent black veil.

Pink Suits And Pastel Shades – Two Fashion Trends To Consider

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If you are looking for a new style to be fashionable this year, there are many choice available, many designers to follow and shows to get inspiration from. We will mention two fashion trends that can provide the best looking outfits and a style that demands attention. Keep in mind that there are many other trends that stand out this season and that these two ideas are for women that want something special and feminine.

The first one is a combination of a playful color with a serious outfit, pink suits. Granted, most of these suits are quite sexy and they come with either shorts or a short skirt which makes them perfect for the summer. Pink, in different shades, is always a color that catches the eye and it is a symbol of femininity and youth; the perfect reason for including it in your wardrobe this spring/summer. These suits are not really meant for the office but more for a fashionable day out and they can easily be accessorized with a pair of matching high heels and some big sunglasses or a big hat. The small accessories depend on your style and the pink suit is a big fashion trend for confident women.

The second trend is a bit more subtle but just as feminine, pastel shades can be a great change when you get tired of all the bright colors and eye-popping designs. This trend is meant to offer a relaxed style with nice soft colors that can be great without any flashy accessories. Some of the biggest fashion designers have presented their take on pastel shades during the New York Fashion Week and they looked refreshingly amazing. The most popular fashion items in these colors are dresses, long just under the knee that have a loose cut and are very comfortable. The pastel shades perfectly complete this comfortable look and offer a touch more style to the feminine trend. They can be very easy to wear and while they don’t stand out as much as bright colors, they are very fashionable and don’t need a lot of preparation or planning.

Choosing The Perfect Foundation

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Choosing the perfect foundation may prove to be a big challenge for most women out there who haven’t experimented with various forms of makeup. Since there are so many products out there, a lot of women find themselves confused at the store when they need to buy a foundation that would suit them. But you can make everything easier by following a few tips.

First you will need to make sure that you know what type of foundation you want. Each foundation has its own formula that may or may not be good for your type of skin. Companies use a lot of words to describe their products such as mattifying or oil-control. The most important thing to establish before buying a foundation is whether you have dry, normal or oily skin. Oily skin is usually shiny and may have problems with acne while dry skin can be prone to early wrinkles and irritations so it’s very important to know what products to use. Another important aspect that women tend to forget is matching their foundation with the base cream, this will help you obtain that flawless look and make your makeup less prone to looking like your face is starting to melt. So, if you have an oil based, water based or silicone based cream, you will have to buy a foundation that has the same base.

The next thing to decide in your steps to buy the perfect foundation is whether you need light, medium or full coverage. Although there are many products on the market that can give you all those covers, the best thing and the cheapest way to buy a foundation is to get a full coverage one. A lot of women don’t know that they can make their foundation light or medium just by adding some water and more base cream. So buying light coverage is actually useless.

The last thing is the tone, make sure that you get a foundation lighter and never darker than your skin tone, darker foundations can look terrible when not applied correctly and you definitely don’t want that. Be sure to experiment with many brands and choose the foundation that makes your skin feel comfortable and also looks good.

Pencil Dress – Your Classy Fashion Item

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This type of dress is created after the pencil skirt and it goes around the waist and hips with a top that enhances the breasts. This is probably one of the sexiest types of dresses and it should be worn by women who don’t have any weight problems, or at least have a shape that fits well with the pattern of the dress. If you have a bigger belly or very large hips, this dress will only enhance those parts and it may look a bit odd, so pay attention to those details if you want to wear one.  If you still want to wear one you can wear a shirt or a bolero over it to hide some of the things you feel uncomfortable about.

 When it comes to fashion trends, the pencil dress will always have a place every season. Sometimes pencil dresses might have trendy colors or different patterns but the style has remained the same since their creation in 1940. Because it’s very tight, you should carefully choose it to fit you well because you cannot hide it if it’s too tight or too loose.  However, if you find yourself in the situation where the dress is too loose, you can add a big belt to mark your waist and make it look tighter.

This is a great dress for a hot date when you are trying to impress somebody special and they will surely remember you as that woman who looked really elegant. If you add some beautiful accessories such as a big beaded necklace or a set of pearl jewelry and a beautiful handbag, you are ready to blow their mind. Shoes are also important so try to wear high heels to make your back look straight and give your legs an elegant shape. Also, make sure that the dress is not too short if the front upper part is too revealing, because it can be a little too much.

Finding a well-made pencil dress can often be a challenge, as most fashion brands don’t always make them fit for every body shape so it’s best if you can find somebody or if you can ask the shop to resize it for you.

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